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B/S Brace: Ingrown Toenail Correction

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

The BS Brace is made of special synthetic glass fiber. By applying the flat brace to the curved ingrown toenails, the brace's resetting force is transferred directly to the nail. The nail is then gently but carefully lifted out of the nail fold, allowing instant pain relief of sore between the nail and the toe!

The material used is water resistant and hence polish can be used immediately after the brace is put in place.

With the B/S Brace solution, we are able to correct and remedy the abnormal curvature of the nail. Excessively curved toenails that become painful and sensitive to the touch form from:

— Narrow fitting toe pinching shoes

— Involuted, pincer, or ram horn nails

— Toenails prone to ingrown

The B/S Brace magnetic system is a revolutionary corrective technique for extremely curved toenails that:

— Alleviates pain and discomfort associated with curved and involuted toenails

— Eliminates or reduces excessive pressure at the lateral nail edges

— Helps correct the curvature of the nail

— I simple, fast and painless. Treatment involves no surgery or downtime

— Produces pain-relieving results in just days

Rates for this pain free, non-evasive service begins at $35 for one great toe, additional toenail brace prices varies.

Click the link below for more information about the BS brace.