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Hello there! I just wanted to quickly introduce or reintroduce myself to you all. If you are already a client of mine, I thank you sincerely for your patronage and truly appreciate your patience during these times of stress and readjustments! To those of you who are interested or have inquired about service, sincere thanks and i look forward to servicing you soon...

With everything that is going on in the world, all of us are still adjusting to the new "normal". As we still battle with Covid-19, one of the top priorities that is imperative to all of us right now is health hygiene. At Sassy Nails Boutique, there has always been a strict standard on sanitation. I have taken the time to highlight just a portion of my skills and certifications. I hope that bringing awareness of my knowledge provides you with the reassurance that I have all of our best interest at heart. I am passionate about the services that i provide and have a genuine care for your well being . As the reopening date is steadily approaching, i will provide the new advanced sanitation protocol that we all will need to adhere to. There will definitely be some adjustments, but these new standards are a necessity for all of us. I look forward to seeing you all again!

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