Welcome Back!!!

Hello there! Looking forward to seeing you all again! As we begin our reopening phase here are just a few things of what to expect when you return. We have been steadily working during this time apart to offer an enhanced experience for you. These are just a few of the changes that are we have taken to serve you better:

  • Visual Phone Consultations will be available. This can help for new and existing clients to ensure that your hands and feet are in healthy condition before your service is scheduled. It will help to reduce the possibility of your service being denied due to more specialized care needed.

  • Online Checkout: This method of payment will be encouraged to minimize the cash/card handling process.

  • Monthly Newsletter and Blog: This is a great way to provide you with nail care info, latest updates as well as periodic coupons.

  • Social Media Interaction: We will be working to ensure that we are constantly engaging with our community and keeping our clients up to date.

  • Slight price increase of services. Our prices have remained the same for 3 years and with the increasing cost of material and sanitation supplies we had to implement a few adjustments. 

  • A booking deposit is now enforced. To decrease the amount of no shows, there is a $10 deposit required to book. This fee is applied to your service price. For no call and no shows the deposit is forfeited. 

  • Self scheduling: We have always operated on an appointment only bases but for convenience sake, our clients are now able to schedule their own appointments online. 

  • No enhancements such as gel-x or slick pour dip well be offered at this time. We may resume these services at a later date.

  • Streamlined Checkout: Our new payment processor will help to make your checkout experience hassle free. There is also a contact less option of payment available using Google Play and Apple Pay.

  • Wi-Fi is now available exclusively for Sassy Nails Boutique clients/guest only.

  • New Health/Wellness Products: We have a variety of nutritional items available to help aid you in your health goals. This includes CBD products, liquid multivitamin, slimming coffee and more!

  • Senior Day: We will implement this to accommodate our elderly or at risk clientele during the early hours of the day.

  • Members Area on the website: This plan is still in the start up phase but will include service packages, discounts, etc.

  • Product Bundles:There will be discounts on bundled home care maintenance products.

Looking forward to servicing you soon! If you have any questions or need clarity about anything please feel free to reach out at (912) 289-5632 or email

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