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Salon Sanitation Standards

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

The salon that you choose to patronize should have a series of sanitation practices that should be performed on a constant basis. At Sassy Nails Boutique, we strive to provide you with safe and sanitary nail care. We take pride in going above and beyond what is required by the GA Board of Cosmetology. We want to be safe and keep you safe as well.

We understand that our scheduling practices may not be best suited for everyone so there may be a need to visit another local salon in the area. That's ok. Even if we are not able to provide a service for you, here are just a few tips that may be helpful in finding your ideal salon that best suits your needs. During your service:

  • The common areas such as waiting areas, receptions desk, as well as bathrooms should be clean. Trash shouldn't be overflowing and the floors should be up kept.

  • Hands of the client and technician should be washed or sanitized before beginning the service.

  • A visible technician license of the person performing service should be displayed in the salon.

  • When seated for service, the table should be clean, dust free, with no visible signs of nail clippings or other debris. New table towels should always be used for each guest.

  • There should be no food or drinks anywhere within the working area. Nail dust clipping and dust can fly anywhere during a service. YUCK!

  • New tools should ALWAYS be used for each client. Disposable items such as files, buffers, pedicure pumice, shoes should be thrown away after each use. The disposable sanding bands on the nail drill used to prep the nails should be new as well. (We have a preference to use authentic diamond nail bits during our services. These are properly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected for at least the minimal time of 10 minutes after each use.)

  • If anything falls on the floor during the service, it is definitely NOT ok to be used again-it should be thrown away.

  • The curing lamp and nail drill should be cleaned after each service. This is just another way to keep the tools free and clear of dust that can accumulate during the service.

  • The pedicure station should be thoroughly cleaned with soap, water, rinsed and disinfected with an EPA approved cleaner for at least 10 minutes between each use. If you notice your technician performing a basic spray and rinse, you have a right to request that the pedicure chair is properly cleaned. It's ok if you appear to be pushy or demanding, it is your money that you are spending and most importantly your health, which is PRICELESS.

  • A pedicure cleaning log should also be available and constantly updated. You have a right to request to see the log sheet as it is a mandate in accordance with the GA Board of Cosmetology. At Sassy Nails Boutique, we use disposable pedicure liners which are thrown away after each service. This ensures that there is no possibility of cross contamination between guest. (It is not necessary for us to maintain a log but we do anyway for our personal records)

Wherever you decide to receive your nail care services, we hope that these tips can be beneficial to you. At SNB, we genuinely care for you and your health which is why we take the extra initiative to provide you with the best care that we possibly can.

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