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Client Consultation: What is it and why?

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

When receiving any beauty service, a written,verbal, as well a visual client consultation should always be a priority. This is a great opportunity for clients to express their concerns, conditions, as well as service desired. It also provides the service provider with a chance to take mental notes about how to proceed with the service. Your salon of choice should inquire about your health history to ensure that you are receiving the best healthy care. This important step also shows that there is a concern not only for your health but for the stylist performing the services as well. Everyone wants to be happy with the end result.

Although it may seem unnecessary or invasive to disclose personal information it is important for clients to be as honest as possible. Everyone may not be a great candidate to receive service due to various reasons. For nail care, clients with medial concerns such as hypertension, diabetics, and immuno-compromised diseases,  may need more specialized gentle care. This may exclude massage, cuticle care, or the omission of metal tools during service. Allergies are also really important to know about as well since some products may contain scents, nuts, or other allergens that may be a potential health risk for clients.

At Sassy Nails Boutique we strive to provide great service as well as healthy nail care for our clients. This is why we request that a consultation form be completed before service. We adhere to a strict client confidentiality policy and your personal information is stored in safe location. We have genuine concern and care about your nail health. Our services are geared with that in mind which is why we educate our clients on the best treatments or tips for at home nail care maintenance.

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